Nft Lifetime Subscription

Creators and Brands struggle with many platforms to engage communities and sell digital products. Spacely is an all-in-one content and communication platform for Web2 & Web3, so you can save time, grow communities and have more monetization possibilities.
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Total Supply:500 pcs
Initial Supply:50 pcs
Yearly Credits:600$

Lifetime Subscription as an NFT's utility

Subscriptions as an NFT offer a unique and innovative way to access and enjoy digital content and experiences.

Lifetime Subscription valued $600 per year for premium features

Exclusive Airdrops and Allocations for Lifetime Subscription owners

Available to resell subscriptions on the secondary market

Build connections among the community of brands, educators, and creators

Only 500 Lifetime subscriptions will be minted

Secret Valuable Utilities which will be revealed each round

Win NFT Lifetime Subscription

Join our challange and show how to build communities. Win rewards for you and your community. Here's how to win:
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    Create planet and invite your community members [Creators of Planets with most engaged communities win]

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    Invite community to Spacely official planet [Community Builders with most registered members win]

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Rewards for you and your community

NFT as Subscription

Exclusive Airdrops

Valuable Utilities

Early Accesses


For Creators

Planet’s Creators and Community Builders who joined challange.
  • Lifetime Subscription for Creator

  • Rewards for all registered members


For Explorers

All Community members registered on Creators’ planets or Spacely's official one.
  • Explorer Boost Subscription (3 mo.)

  • Whitelist in Lifetime Deal for Explorers


2023 Spacemap

Every day we work hard on solving problems of Creators, Brands and their Communities. Learn why our team cares and what we plan for 2023.